“General Lee of the confederate army believed in state sovereignty and the evils of slavery.”

Your comment seems to be at odds with itself and it seems to be based on a willful misreading of Mike’s article…or perhaps you replied to a completely different one?

You start by decrying slavery as evil, and hold up democracy as a panacea that should be respected above all else, lest the US slip back into a dictatorship. (Conveniently ignoring all those democratically elected dictators…some homework for next time)

You then continue to state that those opposing Trump should be dignified in defeat and cede victory to a man who, if not now, has all the makings of a Fascist dictator and who has surrounded himself with racists and bigots.

So which is it? Do you like racist demagogues or not?

Secondly, which article did you read? I don’t think it was the same one I read. The one I read talked of civil action. It talked of supporting groups and publications that shine a light on ignorance, malice and fascism. It talked of working ethically and refusing to countenance fascism. It talked of acting within the democratic framework to oppose fascism. It wasn’t a rallying cry to storm the White House. It wasn’t even calling for street battles with the far-right cockroaches who think they own the US now. Unless you think this means that:

“Maybe it’s keeping your street free of swastika graffiti.”

Lastly, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Senate Republicans have spent the past 8 years acting like petulant little children and doing everything in their power to obstruct Obama. They proudly stated that if Hillary had won they would continue to block any and every candidate proposed as a replacement for Antonin Scalia. If you really think ordinary citizens practicing civil disobedience, refusing to work with fascists and bigots and standing up to bullies is more anathema to the USA’s proud Democratic Republic than a bunch of elected officials refusing to do their jobs then you are a truly puzzling individual.

I’m a Software Developer at Shuttlerock where I write mostly Ruby and Typescript. I also dabble in any language that takes my fancy.

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