1 min readNov 22, 2022

Say what you like about the Titanic, but for a time, you could have made a real name for yourself if you'd been there with a hand-cranked pump to bail her out. But nobody was "hardcore" enough.

Imagine, you could have been pumping like billy-o down in the lower decks, sure it would have been hard-going, for a while but you've got a ship that's taking on water hand over fist and you've got the captain who's completely disrupted shipping, so you know he's no slouch.

This means there's one thing that's basically guaranteed: with so many people abandoning ship, or tumbling to their deaths from the broken-apart hull, if you stick around, it's going to be like nothing you've ever seen before.

When the captain turns the ship around in a few months that's going to be your resume.

Make no mistake, this won't just accelerate your skills in your new chosen career of bilge-pumping, it will be a master class in crisis management and emergency mustering because you - knee deep in icy cold water - will somehow also be on the bridge. You get to see what the media reports versus what actually happens on the inside.

And if you want to blow off such an opportunity because the captain offends you, or you don't want to drown in the Atlantic Ocean, or you don't want to work harder? Jesus, either you're already rich or you're utterly delusional. Or, you've lived too long in a society where you don't even realise how blessed you are.


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