2 min readNov 22, 2022

No no, Musk makes no foolish mistakes, just genius mistakes. And even then he meant to make them, don'tcha know. The fact that he's failed to deliver a modern take on an almost 200 year old concept while siphoning money that could have been spent on other, proven, mass transit options is all part of his genius!

Like the time he promised to design a submersible vehicle/coffin capable of navigating a complex cave system to rescue that soccer team trapped in Thailand? Not a mistake. He completely understood the situation far better than anyone on the ground. Facts.

Alienating his first wife by treating her like chattel? Not a mistake. Alienating his many children to the point that some of them don't want anything at all to do with him? Not a mistake, apparently.

And when he bought Twitter accidentally for ~$10-20bn more than it was actually worth? Also not a mistake. He always meant to do it and all that last minute legal stuff where he tried to back out of the purchase? PART OF HIS PLAN FRIENDO! It *may* have looked like he was making a mistake when he tanked the value of the thing he was overpaying for by claiming it was riddled with bots and other issues, before he even took ownership...but it wasn't a mistake. And if it was, it was a genius mistake.

And that time he tweeted - while high - that he was going to take Tesla private at $420 a share, thereby manipulating the share price and bringing the SEC down on his head and being forced to pay $40m in penalties? Not a foolish mistake! A foolish mistake would be getting high and eating all your flatmates cookies and having to spend $4.00 to replace them. Only Elon could make such a genius mistake that it would take $40m to fix.

"You wouldn't understand! Please like me Elon! I'll even say you're cool and come to your party!" - Pete Williams, probably.


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