I used GNU/Linux (Slackware) on my personal PC for almost a decade, before switching it back to Windows - to have a better gaming experience - about 15 years ago. Before that, I dual-booted GNU/Linux and Windows XP. Before that I used Windows 95. Before that, I used an Amiga 500+ and before that I had various 8bit micros. For the vast majority of the last 15 years I've (also) used a Macbook Pro for development and for all of my professional career I've needed to use a shell on either GNU/Linux, BSD, or OSx.

With my bona fides out of the way: absolutely nothing you've said is false, but also, sadly, everything you've said was already being said 20 years ago. It has ever been a running gag that this, <current year>, will be the "Year of Linux on the Desktop".

So no, I don't know that you'll find many people "raging angry" about what you've written.

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Adam Henley (He/Him)

Adam Henley (He/Him)


I’m a Senior Software Developer at Flick Electric where I write mostly Ruby on Rails. I also dabble in any language that takes my fancy.