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  • A Russian dissident of 2022

    A Russian dissident of 2022

    I was born and lived in Russia my whole life until now. This is my story from childhood to the present in a country that has started a war.

  • Alexander Nguyen

    Alexander Nguyen

    25K Followers on LinkedIn Ideas about technology, software engineering and life https://www.linkedin.com/in/alxngu/

  • Herbert Wolverson

    Herbert Wolverson

    Author of Hands-on Rust and the Rust Roguelike Tutorial

  • Uzi Landsmann

    Uzi Landsmann

    Software developer at Webstep. I write tech stuff and fiction in English and Swedish. Click on my lists to see more!

  • Lee Phillips

    Lee Phillips

    Software developer. Flutter fanatic. Other interests include photography, sports, coffee, and food.

  • Barry Leung 👑

    Barry Leung 👑

    A Werewolf From Hong Kong, Mathematics, Stoicism, Writing, Science, Evolutionary Biology🦁🐺🔱 🦒🪳 https://www.instagram.com/goldilocksbarry/

  • Max Howell

    Max Howell


  • Amanda Sexton

    Amanda Sexton

    Free thinking, braless, non-conformist.

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